Thank goodness for Skype!!!!

So Memorial weekend is upon us and I was really hoping to get some knitting time in and just watch me some Racing. Well my two teenage daughters had other plans for me. They had been bugging me forever to “Please cut my hair into Scene hair”. Well, being me, I had no idea what they were talking about. So, I took to the internet and did me some researching. I found lots of styles and videos but still did not feel that confident about cutting their hair.  My mother, who in my eyes can do anything, would know exactly how to do this.  But, she is in California and I am in Nevada it was a little far for a quick haircut trip. But, I had a better idea, I decided to use the Skype.  We skype just about every night and have used it to show each other our craft projects. We also use it when we are cooking so we can cook and talk and see each other.

Here is a pic of how we looked while cutting hair.

Let me tell you this was a life saver, she was so much help and the girls were thankful that I skyped her.  (It turns out they didn’t trust me as much as I thought, Lousy kids.) The hair they wanted was a little more than I could have done on my own. I can cut long hair shorter but as far as styling it, that was a no go.   So this weekend with the help of my mama we took my girls and turned them into teenage grownup girls.   They love their styles and are happy that their Grandmother knows how to cut hair.



 I think both of the styles came out nicely, they have both grown up right in front of me these last few days.  But, I do still have one that likes her long hair and lets me braid it whenever I want too.


 Isn’t it amazing how quickly they change, I am thankful that all of my girls are still sweet young girls.  I hope that as my two oldest approach their 17 and 16 year birthdays that they do not change.  We have been so lucky to have such great kids. 

I think I did a decent job, patting myself on the back.  Now, maybe I can get some knitting done and the editing of this video complete.

How do you think I did?   

Happy Memorial Weekend, thanks to all our Military for all they do for our country.  Visit a veterans grave site and leave flowers just to say thank you. 


What’s on my Needles?

Well, I am glad you asked. I wanted to knit a nice scarf with a pattern going from top to bottom.  I have only just started this one and you can see already how the pattern is going to look.

It’s looking rather pretty. Amazing how you can just use Knit stitches and Purl stitches and have a nice design in your work.

   I plan on making this with a little gold worked in now and then. I think it will turn out to be a lovely scarf.  This pattern is very easy and quick, but you do have to remember to do all of your counting. It is very easy to mess up your count, I did that twice and had to start over. Luckily I was still at the very beginning and it didn’t hurt so bad. The only stitch that gives me fits is the, P2TogTbl, that one is very difficult to do. But, I must say I am getting it and it is making the work look nice.

  Since it is not a long piece (46 stitches) I don’t think it will take me very long to complete it. Unless I run out of yarn, which tends to happen to me a lot. I have never been very good at guessing how much I need. I should really just over buy and see if that solves my problem.  Well, off to knit and see how far I get today, I will post an update on how it is going.

Happy Knitting!

T-Shirt Yarn! Now What?

Okay so I made some T-Shirt yarn on my Saturday. It took me most of the day to do this, I actually did about fifteen t-shirts. It was a very long process but I wasn’t sure how much yarn it would all yield. I am still unsure of that, as I did no measuring what so ever before I rolled them into a ball.  I did try my hand at working some of it up late last night but my tension was too tight and it is just a hard square. LOL   So hoping someone has some pointers on either crocheting this yarn or knitting with this yarn.  I really want to make a potholder but my DPN’s were too small to work the Latvian Braid.  So now I am on the hunt to gather all the patterns I can in order to find the right one to use this yarn with. 

      Little pointer when cutting up the t-shirts, try to find shirts with no seams they form a better yarn.   So what did you do on your Saturday?

    Happy Rolling?

What I did this Saturday.

I was so in the mood to do something quick and easy this weekend. I love my long  projects but sometimes you need something quick to make you feel like you accomplished something. So, I made some crochet slippers for one of the kids to wear.  It took me exactly two hours to complete them. Partly because I was watching the Rocky movies on tv and I stopped to watch the fights and cheer Rocky on.  But, they are really easy and a great beginner project if you are just starting out in crochet.

There is nothing fancy about these right now, except that they were quick and easy.

Here they are on, I had him wear his shorts so you can get a good look at them. I didn’t make them too high but he suggested that maybe I could make some higher ones for the girls. 

The kids also decided that I should make this my next easy crochet video. What do you think?  I love projects like this that way all those people learning to crochet can make projects and be proud.

       I will be posting the video and the pattern soon, also I need to find the source of this pattern to give credit where credit is due.

Happy Crocheting!


Alright so I was only able to finish about five in a half blankets. I know, it seems like I was a bit lazy, but I have some great excuses if you want to hear them….

       We are finally back among civilization, we had been live waaaayyyyyy up on top of a mountain out here in Nevada. We had no internet and terrible phone reception. It was a very hard Three almost Four months.  But, we are all so happy to say that we are back!!!! I didn’t realize how much I missed being in the city until we returned.  Then to have home internet again is such a great blessing.  The girls are so thrilled to have a nice big kitchen to start the cooking videos again, and my Honey went and got all my Crafting materials from storage.  

        So, let’s hope I can be more productive in the next few months instead of looking so lazy.

 Happy Days Are Here Again!

First blanket done



Okay, yes I am a tad slow in posting this month. We have been having some technical difficulties. But, we will get through that.  That being said I finished the first baby blanket, and yes I used the «shell pattern». It is such an easy pattern to do and I love the results.  I am going to make many more of these.  So one blanket down x many more to go. At this rate I may only get five done.

Happy Crocheting!

Crocheting baby blankets!!!

I love to find new patterns, some of my favorites are baby blankets. One reason for that is because they work up so quickly and within a few days you have a completed project. The feeling of accomplishing a project is the best for any crafter. So, I think in March I am going to challenge myself too “How many baby blankets can I make”. Of course I will have to make sure each one is a different pattern.  Not too much of a challenge, I should be able to do this. Oh,,, Wait,,,, I should put a number on this that will make more interesting for everybody Right!  Ok 31 days in March, hmm let’s see if I can make one blanket every two days that is about 15 blankets. I am not that ambitious, so, I will say an even 10.  Do you think I can do it? I know I have one cheerleader out there she will keep me on track. She will also probably try to do this with me. Which I will love!!!!!!!    I will be showcasing all the patterns I choose, just in case someone else needs some ideas on a new pattern for a baby blanket. ooooo I am so excited I have a month to get all my supplies ready and all the patterns in place.   What will you be challenging yourself to do, if we don’t challenge ourselves life gets to mundane.

Good luck in what ever you all are up too!!!!  Happy Crocheting!!!!

Quick work Baby Blanket

This blanket is coming out so nice and is working up fast. I believe it is a great project for new crocheters and a  relaxing project for us old crocheters.   It is in a shell pattern  and the shells cascade up the blanket like this.

I love the way this looks it makes a nice lacy shell pattern. I found the pattern on in case anyone would like to check out the reviews over on that site.

The blankets size will be about 35 x 35, depending on what yarn you use and which hook you decide on.

Materials:  i am using the recommended “H” hook, it is one of my favorites so I was happy to use it instead of changing.

As far as the yarn I am using the brand TLC  Baby, sport light 6 oz so I am using two colors. The recommended is at least 16 oz of yarn.

So now that you have your materials ready let’s start making a blanket.

First we need to do our foundation chain of 141

Row 1: Double Crochet in the 5th chain from hook * skip next 2 chains, put 5 double Crochet in next chain, (this is the shell pattern) Skip next 2 chain, Double crochet in next chain, chain 1, then skip next chain and double crochet in next chain, Repeat from * across – You should have 17 shells at the end of this row.

Row 2- 54: Chain 4 and then turn your work, *skip next chain 1 space, Double crochet in next Double Crochet, skip the next 2 Double crochet, Put 5 Double Crochet in next Double Crochet, Skip next 2 double Crochet, Double Crochet in next Double Crochet, and then chain 1,  Repeat from * when you reach the last Double Crochet in the 3 rd chain down of that first turning chain.


Round 1: We will not be turning our work we are going to work around the edges. You will be working a Single Crochet stitch evenly across the edges, making sure to put 3 Single Crochets into each corner.  When you reach the end join with a slip stitch to the first Single Crochet.

Round 2:  Chain 1, Single Crochet in the same Single Crochet as the join, skip the next Single Crochet, 5 Double Crochet in next Single Crochet,  * Skip next Single Crochet, Single Crochet in next Single Crochet, skip next Single Crochet, 5 Double Crochet in next Single Crochet, Repeat from * around,  join with slip stitch in first Single Crochet.

Fasten off and you have a lovely Baby Blanket.

I hope the directions are clear enough. I will be doing a video soon so if you are new to crocheting and the pattern looks like jibberish we will have a step by step guide for you. Just let me know and I will send you an e-mail when the video is up and running.

Thank you and Happy Crocheting!!!


HomeSchooling takes a lot out of you!!

So sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, we are in the middle of all the Semester Tests within our home-school program. The kids are doing very well, but it is amazing how much work it is for me and for them. They are taking it well, no complaints just working away.  I am surprised that even when reading the books they are asked to they just read them with out a word. Maybe this is the sign of my children getting older and becoming more responsible.  Either that or they are as tired of arguing with me about school as I am about arguing with them. hahahahaha

I hope to have a new tutorial video up soon of knitting and crocheting, and our little Baker Bug is ready to do some more cooking.

Happy Learning!

And the Winner of our First Give Away is……..

Okay I just wanted to say I have been so very excited about this giveaway. It is our first one since starting all of this one year ago, what a great way to start the New Year.   So without further ado the winner of our first official give away who will be receiving three hand-made crocheted scrunchies by Oh Craft it All is….


Clap* Clap*Clap * Clap *   Congratulations!!!!  I hope you are as thrilled as we are.

Whoo Wee I think I might be ready for another give away soon, this was very exciting!!!!

Happy Days!!!!