I have never been a fan of Eggs not even when I was a kid. But, my husband learned to make “Poached Eggs” about a year ago. I wanted to be nice and try them and to my surprise, I loved them.  Then after that I would beg him to make poached eggs. He would boil the water and vinegar, carefully crack the egg into the pan so it didn’t spread and make the toast. I thought this was great but found out later that it was really a hassle to have to make poached eggs for eight people all the time. He stopped making them because it was just too big of a mess and time consuming for him to do that in the morning, scrambled eggs were easier.  Well, I missed those lovely eggs and how great they tasted nicely nestled a top a piece of toast. So, what do you think I did, nope I didn’t learn to make them myself. I bought this:

Yes an Egg Poacher Pan with removable cups that cooks six eggs at once. No messy vinegar to bother with, no trying to make sure the egg doesn’t spread. This is a great invention.  So, he made poached eggs for us and we all prayed that it was easier to use than doing it the other way. 


He sprayed the removable cups with non-stick cooking spray, brought the water underneath to a nice boil then cracked the eggs inside. Look how pretty the eggs are all sitting in there individual cups. 


Now with the lid on you can see the tops getting nice and white and cooking the egg.  This only took about three to four minutes for the eggs to cook.


Here the egg is posing nicely for the picture still inside the cup. We were worried that the egg would stick a little but it did not. We just dumped it over and out on top of the toast with no problem.  



Oh they look so yummy, makes me wish he had made some today. The yolk was still nice and runny just like a fried egg. There was no mess at all, the pan was easy cleanup and the little nonstick cups had nothing to scrub. So just washed it normally with the dish soap and hot water.  I am so glad we made this purchase. We got this product off of Amazon for around 24.00 dollars.

We highly recommend a poached egg pan if you are a fan of these like we are.


Happy Cooking! 


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