Yep that is right I needed a new purse. For the past few years I have used nice big laptop lugging bag to hold everything I needed. Why I am not real sure but it may have had something to do with school work for the kids.  When we worked in the Library I would take it with me and then I just continued to use it as my main purse.  Oh and it is a nice leopard print open bag with a large attached pocket. So I have really enjoyed it, I am able to take everything I need to keep myself occupied if I have to end up waiting somewhere.  Yes I am just like a little kid I need things to keep me occupied so as to not get into any trouble while I wait. 

Well the other day the straps showed signs of wear and tear, and so it started my hunt for a new purse. My husband asked me to not by a big bag this time to just get a purse like a normal woman. Well, I might say I was a tad big offended but I know he was right, I just did not tell him he was.   I searched and searched for a purse, oh I should state I am a bit ummm how you say……. Cheap.  So I whence at the thought of spending more than ten dollars on an item for myself.  I have just always been this way, heck I still have my black heels that I have had for four years and do not plan on getting a new pair unless the heel breaks off. Of course then I would just break the heel off the other one and try to reconstruct them to make them useful again.  

Sorry I got lost back to the purse.  I had been looking for about a month and found nothing.  After my Granny Square victory I still had some black Granny Squares that I did not use on the blanket. So I sat here one day and sewed them together, it came out a nice little bag.  I regret that I didn’t take pictures as I worked but I was still unsure of my sewing skills and didn’t need to be reminded if it turned out horrible.  

Then after I got it all nice and put together I needed a liner. But, not just any liner one that would be soft and not scratch my phone. Yes I love my Android enough to think about it when I am making something.   So I found a nice silky smooth night-shirt I no longer fit. Which surprised me because I can not be any bigger than when I was 18, right?   Any way I measured looking like a fantastic seamstress. I just imagined all the people banging at the door to get one of my lined crocheted purses.   Yes, my imagination gets me through the day.    I made the lining, added a side pocket perfectly measured for my phone, who seemed happy to be there.  Then added another little pocket for my keys, crocheted a nice strap  and I am proud to say it is functional.

What do you think?  I know it is not professional but man I love it. holds up nice perfect size for me and the lining is wonderful.

I will have to put a clasp on it but for now it is great.   I will have to get brave to do a tutorial on this, but I am just thankful that it came out as good as it did.  The squares were really old and a bit frayed but they worked out for me. 

Oh the things I find myself making.

Happy Crafting!




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  1. vivian says:

    the purse looks great ! I may give this a rry