I have found that I love making Hats, whether I knit or crochet them it doesn’t matter, they are fun to make.  I haven’t always made them I usually stuck with blankets or scarves and seemed to be happy with that. Until the day my Mom came to visit.  She told me she had bee on Youtube and saw a little kid crochet a hat.  I was like “Whoa wait one second here, A Kid!!!” So of course I looked at my  mother and said. “Challenge Accepted”  I went to my trusty chest of all things Yarn and got her a hook and me a hook her some yarn and me some yarn. I told her this was not for the weak minded and if she wanted out she need to get out now. But she decided she was to be my “Sancho” so we searched on Youtube till we found that PB&J eating child and watched him, as he held his hook incorrectly and slurred his words to tell us the steps and was a little hard to follow.  We  were victorious, For there isn’t a challenge that I will not take on and defeat or even surpass!!!!!!!!!

So after that day I have just been a Hat making fool, I usually get them confiscated by my daughters but I am going to start hiding some of them so I can sell some.  This hat is one I am especially proud of because it is my own design.

I haven’t made the Pattern clear enough for anyone to read just yet and plan on sending it to my mom to see if she can understand it.

Here it is in Red, I don’t know why I chose Red but it turned out Beautifully. It is a little bigger even though I used the same hook, but because the yarns are different weights so this one worked up a little bigger.  But I find them both just lovely. 

Could be that my Model is so lovey while wearing them but I think it is the hat. Hahahaaha Just kidding.

So this will be my first items up for grabs I will post them here as well as over on my Facebook page. I am very excited about selling my items. 

Let me know what you think about the hats and what colors would you like to see. Or what items would you like to see made for sale.  I am always open for suggestions and I love to read your comments. 

Happy Crocheting!!!!



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  1. Aprile Mazey says:

    I love the style of those hats!