I sat one  day not so long ago and pulled out all the old t-shirts that no one wore and began cutting my t-shirt yarn. I had such high hopes for what I would be making with this.  I thought about the cute rugs, or maybe some nice pot-holders, a farmers market bag, or even a just because scarf.  Well, I sit here now laughing at myself because I didn’t realize that working with the t-shirt yarn was going to take more skill than I had.  I have been knitting and crocheting since I was about ten and I have never stopped so I feel I have plenty of experience. But, nothing could have prepared me for working with such a crazy yarn. 

 My first attempt at working with it came in the form of Crochet. I thought I would make an oven mitt I found on http://www.myrecycledbags.com/2011/03/20/t-yarn-oven-mitt/

Cute right, also looks very easy I just knew this would be an easy project to undertake and I could show off my skills, Right?  hahahahaha Wrong!  I couldn’t get the silly yarn to do anything, I am forever talking about watching the tension and here I was struggling with that. The first thing I made is so rock hard it is not good for anything.   I figure I just didn’t have a big enough crochet hook, that is what I am going to blame it on and I will hear nothing more on the topic.

        Although a great pattern very well written for some reason I could not get mine to look like that. So I went for knitting the yarn, I have super huge needles and thought that would be better for working with this yarn.  I was right the larger the needles or hook the better the yarn works with you.

       My next attempt I thought I would not be so bold, a Hot Pad for under my pans would be just perfect. I know,  I know I am a brave little sort.  I did some yarn changes just to see how it would look and if it would be easy to do.

I did start to get the hang of the knitting process and how to work with the yarn.  Here is the finished Hot Pad, nothing spectacular, I definitely look like a beginner.

I think what happened is the T-shirts have absorbed all the attitude my Husband and Son have so therefore it was not going to do as I asked.  Typical right?

Well there you have it a nice little Hot Pad. The key is going to be actually using it because I am the worst about just setting the dang ole’ hot pans on my counters.

Yes there will be many adventures with this yarn because I made so much that it fills three plastic sacks.  I am re-thinking how courageous I thought I was.

Happy Crafting!


4 responses

  1. Aprile Mazey says:

    I just made my first ball of t-shirt yarn 2 days ago. I tried to crochet a flower hot pad. I got the pattern from the same site you mentioned above. Oh my! It was definitely different crocheting with the t-shirt yarn. Trust me…your project turned out much better. With my project I blame the fact that the t-shirt yarn was not all the same thickness and I crochet too tightly. Good job trying again though. Maybe I will try again later too.

    • Thank you I was wondering if anyone else was having the same troubles. LOL It is a bit different than the just using Yarn. I will keep trying but for now I will leave them alone for fear I have angered the T-shirts because I cut them up. : )

  2. vivian says:

    Hey I give U E for effort . It looks like a hot pad I love the fact that you are so eager makes all of us want to try. Thanks for sharing this with us aNd letting us know that it is more difficult than it looks.