I am tired now they were right as they sit there talking amongst themselves, laughing and snickering.  I sit behind my computer full and ready to just relax.  Then once again the tiniest of voices speaks to me from afar. “Mama, are you going to finish this tonight.”  then another voice to my right, “Yeah Mama it looks so pretty I can’t wait to see it when you are done.”  Ahhhh the innocent voices of the children they have moved me, my heart can not disappoint the Children. So I pick up the blanket grab another stack and through the sweat, (and full tummy)  I set upon my quest.

Six rows, Six rows I only have three more rows to go.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel my victory awaits me.  Grab another stack and move on….

Seven Rows, the Squares have begun to quiet now they know I am the chosen one, this is my destiny.  No more laughing, no more mocking me, no more year after year moving them around.  I reach for the stack and prepare for the final battle…

Eight Rows, but it is getting late the sun has set my hands are tired and sore. Not sure if I can go on, but the children I must…..think….. about….. the …….. children…… Grab that last and final stack and continue…..

But, wait what is this my yarn what has happened to all my yarn!!!!  I only have enough for a few squares to be attached that means I will have to wait and get some more. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!   I can’t stop now, quit your laughing… I will finish you.  I run to my box of powerful crafting supplies, I must have White yarn in here somewhere, White is a common yarn.  I throw things out the children are trembling with fear for they know not what has taken over me.   Tears are starting I can feel defeat is imminent, but wait… what is that.  That there in the corner of the box.  A ball of yarn it looks like, I hold it up to the sky “WHITE YARN!!!!!”  I, with shaky hands, connect the yarn to the end of the finished yarn with skills I did not even know I had. 

I pick up the next Square and continue more determined than ever before to defeat the All Powerful Granny Square!!!!!

Hahahahahahaha Now who is laughing.  Nine rows, nine rows complete and then bordered. This has been a battle that will go down in the books my friends. One that will live on and our children’s children will tell the tale of…. The Return of the Granny Square!

I did it for the Children!!!!!!  


4 responses

  1. Aprile Mazey says:

    And once again Mama triumphs! Congrats on finishing the blanket. It is beautiful!

  2. vivian says:

    I was a little afraid that you would not complete the project.. As I read the final chapter to my friends .,As you came to the end the cheering the celebrating has begun YOU are the one. The blanket is beautiful they will now keep someone warm on a cold night
    thank you for showing the rest of us we can WIN the battle of our granny squares.