If you are an avid crocheter or just a beginner all know the Granny Square. Easy to do, they pass the time and are very pretty when completed. But, oh how they laugh at you when you decide you are going to put them together. I have been defeated by my Squares for almost 5 years now. But, yesterday the battle came to an end, for I won the mighty battle.

There they are in are there laughing glory as I pulled them out year after year and they sat mocking me.  They knew I would just pull them out and they would sit there giving me the strong arm until I put them away. But, alas I was brave yesterday I took them out laid them in a pattern and then stacked them in there proper rows ready to be joined.

But they were not scared not even a slight tremble from them. Because I had done this before so they figured; let me have my game then they could retire to their box and be happy.  Well, I was determined and after an hour of staring at them like this and finally finding the “Flat-braid Join”  I began…

First row complete, although I was still a bit nervous it was too early to tell if I would be able to finish what I started. Those Squares just kept on laughing knowing if they kept up the mocking I would admit defeat again. But, not I, I picked up the next stack….

Two Rows, yes that is what I said, the sweat tripping from my brow not sure if I can go on. But, with my shaky hand I reached for the next stack…

Three Rows, I am just as shocked as everyone in the house is. They too had no faith that I could defeat the Might Granny Square. Yet that is  what it seemed I was doing.  Another stack…

Four rows I say.  Are the walls closing in on me, is it getting hot in here, I think I am having trouble breathing. NO No, just calm down grab the next stack…

Five Rows, I can’t believe I just might make it, look how nicely you all look together. But, wait what did you say, the children must eat. In the background I hear the faint cries of the children, “Mama were hungry, please feed us.”  The children I must stop, the laughing starts again because they know I might not return. I will be tired from the cooking and the cleaning and the….. No, I will return, I will return…..


3 responses

  1. Aprile Mazey says:

    Love it! It looks great…the storyline is awesome…LOL.

  2. vivian says:

    I have been there and have been defeated. You give me confidence that we can go on we can make things out of nothing . !!!!!