Well, I am glad you asked. I wanted to knit a nice scarf with a pattern going from top to bottom.  I have only just started this one and you can see already how the pattern is going to look.

It’s looking rather pretty. Amazing how you can just use Knit stitches and Purl stitches and have a nice design in your work.

   I plan on making this with a little gold worked in now and then. I think it will turn out to be a lovely scarf.  This pattern is very easy and quick, but you do have to remember to do all of your counting. It is very easy to mess up your count, I did that twice and had to start over. Luckily I was still at the very beginning and it didn’t hurt so bad. The only stitch that gives me fits is the, P2TogTbl, that one is very difficult to do. But, I must say I am getting it and it is making the work look nice.

  Since it is not a long piece (46 stitches) I don’t think it will take me very long to complete it. Unless I run out of yarn, which tends to happen to me a lot. I have never been very good at guessing how much I need. I should really just over buy and see if that solves my problem.  Well, off to knit and see how far I get today, I will post an update on how it is going.

Happy Knitting!


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