Okay so I made some T-Shirt yarn on my Saturday. It took me most of the day to do this, I actually did about fifteen t-shirts. It was a very long process but I wasn’t sure how much yarn it would all yield. I am still unsure of that, as I did no measuring what so ever before I rolled them into a ball.  I did try my hand at working some of it up late last night but my tension was too tight and it is just a hard square. LOL   So hoping someone has some pointers on either crocheting this yarn or knitting with this yarn.  I really want to make a potholder but my DPN’s were too small to work the Latvian Braid.  So now I am on the hunt to gather all the patterns I can in order to find the right one to use this yarn with. 

      Little pointer when cutting up the t-shirts, try to find shirts with no seams they form a better yarn.   So what did you do on your Saturday?

    Happy Rolling?


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  1. Aprile Mazey says:

    That is awesome. I first heard about t-shirt yarn just a couple months ago. I would love to create a basket with it. I don’t have the t-shirts to make any but I think I could probably find some at the thrift store. I’d love to see what you make with it.

    • I found a basket pattern I thought about as well, but then I think I decided I am going to go with a bathroom mat. I have been having trouble with the tension
      so as soon as I get it all worked out I will be posting a tutorial on it. Thank you for the comment.