I was so in the mood to do something quick and easy this weekend. I love my long  projects but sometimes you need something quick to make you feel like you accomplished something. So, I made some crochet slippers for one of the kids to wear.  It took me exactly two hours to complete them. Partly because I was watching the Rocky movies on tv and I stopped to watch the fights and cheer Rocky on.  But, they are really easy and a great beginner project if you are just starting out in crochet.

There is nothing fancy about these right now, except that they were quick and easy.

Here they are on, I had him wear his shorts so you can get a good look at them. I didn’t make them too high but he suggested that maybe I could make some higher ones for the girls. 

The kids also decided that I should make this my next easy crochet video. What do you think?  I love projects like this that way all those people learning to crochet can make projects and be proud.

       I will be posting the video and the pattern soon, also I need to find the source of this pattern to give credit where credit is due.

Happy Crocheting!


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