Alright so I was only able to finish about five in a half blankets. I know, it seems like I was a bit lazy, but I have some great excuses if you want to hear them….

       We are finally back among civilization, we had been live waaaayyyyyy up on top of a mountain out here in Nevada. We had no internet and terrible phone reception. It was a very hard Three almost Four months.  But, we are all so happy to say that we are back!!!! I didn’t realize how much I missed being in the city until we returned.  Then to have home internet again is such a great blessing.  The girls are so thrilled to have a nice big kitchen to start the cooking videos again, and my Honey went and got all my Crafting materials from storage.  

        So, let’s hope I can be more productive in the next few months instead of looking so lazy.

 Happy Days Are Here Again!


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  1. vivian says:

    Glad!!! you are back. I worried about you on that mountain / now that the wilderness family is BACK we are excited to see you have already started to give us some projects we can do. I like the slippers I’m working on the slipper socks right now have already made two pair for my sister. I think this new slippers you made will look pretty in yellow , Got to go so I can get started …..

    • I love reading your comments thank you very much. We are all glad to be back from where Daniel Boone lived. Don’t forget to take pictures so I can show your slipper socks off on the blog.