I love to find new patterns, some of my favorites are baby blankets. One reason for that is because they work up so quickly and within a few days you have a completed project. The feeling of accomplishing a project is the best for any crafter. So, I think in March I am going to challenge myself too “How many baby blankets can I make”. Of course I will have to make sure each one is a different pattern.  Not too much of a challenge, I should be able to do this. Oh,,, Wait,,,, I should put a number on this that will make more interesting for everybody Right!  Ok 31 days in March, hmm let’s see if I can make one blanket every two days that is about 15 blankets. I am not that ambitious, so, I will say an even 10.  Do you think I can do it? I know I have one cheerleader out there she will keep me on track. She will also probably try to do this with me. Which I will love!!!!!!!    I will be showcasing all the patterns I choose, just in case someone else needs some ideas on a new pattern for a baby blanket. ooooo I am so excited I have a month to get all my supplies ready and all the patterns in place.   What will you be challenging yourself to do, if we don’t challenge ourselves life gets to mundane.

Good luck in what ever you all are up too!!!!  Happy Crocheting!!!!


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