This blanket is coming out so nice and is working up fast. I believe it is a great project for new crocheters and a  relaxing project for us old crocheters.   It is in a shell pattern  and the shells cascade up the blanket like this.

I love the way this looks it makes a nice lacy shell pattern. I found the pattern on in case anyone would like to check out the reviews over on that site.

The blankets size will be about 35 x 35, depending on what yarn you use and which hook you decide on.

Materials:  i am using the recommended “H” hook, it is one of my favorites so I was happy to use it instead of changing.

As far as the yarn I am using the brand TLC  Baby, sport light 6 oz so I am using two colors. The recommended is at least 16 oz of yarn.

So now that you have your materials ready let’s start making a blanket.

First we need to do our foundation chain of 141

Row 1: Double Crochet in the 5th chain from hook * skip next 2 chains, put 5 double Crochet in next chain, (this is the shell pattern) Skip next 2 chain, Double crochet in next chain, chain 1, then skip next chain and double crochet in next chain, Repeat from * across – You should have 17 shells at the end of this row.

Row 2- 54: Chain 4 and then turn your work, *skip next chain 1 space, Double crochet in next Double Crochet, skip the next 2 Double crochet, Put 5 Double Crochet in next Double Crochet, Skip next 2 double Crochet, Double Crochet in next Double Crochet, and then chain 1,  Repeat from * when you reach the last Double Crochet in the 3 rd chain down of that first turning chain.


Round 1: We will not be turning our work we are going to work around the edges. You will be working a Single Crochet stitch evenly across the edges, making sure to put 3 Single Crochets into each corner.  When you reach the end join with a slip stitch to the first Single Crochet.

Round 2:  Chain 1, Single Crochet in the same Single Crochet as the join, skip the next Single Crochet, 5 Double Crochet in next Single Crochet,  * Skip next Single Crochet, Single Crochet in next Single Crochet, skip next Single Crochet, 5 Double Crochet in next Single Crochet, Repeat from * around,  join with slip stitch in first Single Crochet.

Fasten off and you have a lovely Baby Blanket.

I hope the directions are clear enough. I will be doing a video soon so if you are new to crocheting and the pattern looks like jibberish we will have a step by step guide for you. Just let me know and I will send you an e-mail when the video is up and running.

Thank you and Happy Crocheting!!!



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  1. vivian says:

    What a pretty. blanket. This could be made and give as a present. Like a baby shower or just new baby coming in to the world