Isn’t it hard to find a beginner crochet project that isn’t a scarf or a blanket?  When I started to crochet a Long time a go, I didn’t have all the resources we have now a days. So, it was buy a book or start with a scarf or a blanket, and if you learned from a family member it was make a scarf or a blanket. Well, I love how I can stumble through the internet to find anything that I need. Like this fun project I found while searching internet pages.  It is Crocheted Hangers, and the colors she uses are beautiful. This is where you can find the original pattern:

They look so cute, I think I am going to crochet a few for myself as well.  She has great pictures to go along with how to make them.
I may even be a little jealous of her blog, it is so nicely done.

The materials you need are:

Any type of yarn you would like to use.

An “E” crochet hook which is the size 3.5mm

A wooden Hanger

A Tapestry needle

Chain 13 stitches

(make sure to measure your chain around the wooden hanger, in case you need to add a few more chains)

Double crochet down the length of your chain

Chain up three turn work and Double crochet to end once again

You should work in this pattern until it is about a 1/2 inch longer than your Hanger.

Approximately 15 1/2 inches.

Then cut the yarn, time to put it on your Hanger.

Make sure you unscrew the hook from the wooden Hanger before you start putting the work onto it.

Thread some yarn and weave it into one end of your work, then pull to have it come together

Make sure to be wrong side out, fold in half and start weaving the thread in and out to sew it together

When you have made it to the other side don’t close it, you will need to turn your work right side out, then put the cover over the wooden hanger.

Then stitch up the end add the hook and you are done!

It is a very easy project to do, you can find pictures to go a long with this by following the link above.

I plan on making a few of these.

Happy Crocheting!!!


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