Wow! Can you believe it is 2011, the first day in the New Year.  Have you made your resolutions for the year? Are they the same as last year?   I think making lots of small resolutions are better than making too many big ones.  But, of course I still make the big ones and strive to keep them.   I have lots of resolutions just like I am sure all of you do, but the ones I am going to strive to keep are….

No grudges: I think I was able to keep this one pretty good last year, but some people made it hard. : )

To just be Happy:  I made this one last year and I kept it so I am making it again this year. I have just learned that what I have is what I am supposed to have, and I can find happiness everywhere I look.

To be closer to my Mom:  I accomplish this every year, I love to talk and be around my mom. I am sure this is going to be an easy resolution to keep.

To love being around my Husband and children: Again an easy one to keep, I love being around these 7 crazy people in my house.

To finally Make a Sweater: Yes this is the one I will fight with, hahahaha, I know this should be the easy one right?

Of course this sweater might be a little difficult for a beginner sweater maker like me. So, if anyone knows of a good beginner pattern I would love to have it so I can accomplish this.

I love to make resolutions I know I will keep, makes my year a little less hectic than it will normally be.
I hope everyone is making some good realistic resolutions this year. Then we will see how we did come 2012!

Looking forward to a wonderful year, making lots of great videos, writing lots of great posts, and creating lots of great items.

Happy Crafting!!!!



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