It is amazing that this is year is over, and today is the last day of 2010.  So many great things have happened and so many not so great things have happened.  Now we all get to start over, New Year, New Beginnings!!!  I started this blog a year ago today, and I am amazed that I am still finding things to post about.  I thought for sure I didn’t know enough about crafting and that I would stop a few months in. I didn’t have much faith in myself now did I.  But, my Mama keeps me going, if no one else gets any use out of things I write about, or my videos. I know that she enjoys them, and that they help her out.

I have been so excited with the wonderful friends I have made from starting this, and how nice it is to be doing something that others can learn from.  I hope to broaden our crafting ability and maybe get a chance to go to a craft show/fair.  I have big plans for this coming year, I must get started on my inventory!

I want to say thank you to everyone who stops by here and reads what I have to say. Or checks out our patterns and recipes that we have put up. Also all the subscribers on our YouTube channel as well as just all of the viewers.  Our Facebook page and Twitter couldn’t be better with all the wonderful people on there.

I send good, wonderful thoughts and wishes to everyone this New Year!   Be safe! Be Happy!

Happy New Year!!!

(Maybe I will post my Resolutions on here that might make them more permanent) : )


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