We were excited to get our first request on our YouTube channel last week. Muimuih11 sent us a pattern and requested that we make a How to Video of the pattern.   After I looked it over I thought this is actually a perfect pattern for beginners to Crochet.  Just looking at the pattern can be a bit confusing but seeing it worked will make it a little easier to follow.

Here are the instructions to pattern so that you can print and read a long:

Materials: 1 skein worsted weight yarn any color

size “H” crochet hook


Stitch Marker

Tapestry Needle


Chain 15

Round 1: Skip the first ch stitch and Single Crochet 13 in each chain stitch, in the last chain put 3 Single Crochet . Other side of the foundation put 13 Single Crochet’s across, in last chain stitch put 3 Single Crochet and the Slip Stitch to First Single Crochet, do not turn.

Round 2: Now we will be working in the round;  Chain 1, and Single Crochet in the same stitch, *Chain 1 skip the next Single Crochet and then Single Crochet in the next stitch,  repeat from * 16 times. Join with Slip Stitch to first Single Crochet.

Round 3: Chain 1 and Single Crochet in next chain space and chain 1, * skip one SC; and SC in next stitch chain 1, repeat from * 16 times. Join with Slip Stitch to first Single Crochet.

Round 4 – 21: SC in first SC, work in pattern; *chain 1, skip next SC, SC in next Chain Space, repeat from * to end of round 21, making sure you have 16 on each round.

Round 22: Chain 3, *Double Crochet in next chain space and chain 1, repeat from * 15 times. Slip stitch in chain at the end of the round.

Finish off and weave in all loose ends.

Ties: You will need to make 2 of these;  Chain 30 and then tie off, Weave ties through the top between the Double Crochet’s, one in front one in back. Tie ends together on each side of pouch.

This is the site that the pattern was taken from:


Here are our How To Videos to make this pattern a little easier for you:

I hope these videos are easy to follow!

Happy Crocheting!!!



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  1. vivian says:

    How cute!! The directions are easy when I watch so glad yooou are doing this

  2. Thank you, I was hoping that it would be easy to follow.