This project needs to be done early enough so that you don’t get overwhelmed the closer the big day gets.  I remember when I was younger my mom made new stockings for each of us.  Most of us were big enough to sew our own together and to embroider pretty designs on them. The younger ones my mom sewed theirs up and then let them glitter glue designs on theirs. This is another very easy project to do.

The first thing we need to do is gather all of our materials. You can use fabric that you have lying around the house or go pick up some remnants at the fabric store. You can usually get off with some nice designs with very little cost to you.  Then decide if you are going to have them embroider designs or maybe just their name on the stocking. Or, if they are little get some glitter fabric glue that is just as much fun.

Lay your fabric on a flat surface and make an outline of a stocking; make sure to make a bit oversize as you will needing the extra room to sew it up.  Cut two pieces, one front and one back.

If you are going to be embroidering on the stocking itself do that now before you sew the pieces together. If you are going to use Glitter Glue then wait until you have completely sewn the stocking together.

So, now take the two pieces and make sure you have them back side to you, put them together and pin them so that you can sew the seams together.  Remember to leave the top open!

Then you can get another piece of material and sew it to the top to give it that real stocking look.

Here is a site that I found last year that I thought gave a great tutorial on how to do this.

Remember to be creative and let the kids have fun with this. There is no right or wrong way, just your way.

Happy Holiday’s.


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