Here is another  great idea to do with your kids.  Kids love to color, cut, draw, glue, paint,….etc..etc.   So, why not harness all that creativity and make some home-made Holiday Cards to send out to loved ones.  I know I enjoy something home-made more than I do store bought.   This will take some time to prepare on your part but the fun and memories that come out of this is worth it.

You will need to buy some big card envelopes and cut the construction paper to the right size before the kids start.

Remember to have stencils and some stickers, everybody loves a good sticker.   You can even write what you would like the card to say on the inside and just let the kids decorate the outside.   Here is a website you can go to for printable templates and some other great ideas to put on your cards.

If you have no one to make cards for you can always have them make a card for you and mail it to yourself. Then you can make one for them and put it in the mail, they will love that.

Be creative and don’t forget to sit down and create with them.

Happy Holidays!


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