I am sure most of you out there have already started on the presents that you are going to be crafting up this year. Me on the other hand I have not done that yet. I know that I would like to make all the kids socks this year but I fear I have started too late to accomplish that task.  But, I am going to give the good ole’ college try and see what comes of it.  I found some great sites with some great ideas for quick easy socks, but I know when I start they won’t be so quick and easy.

I am adding some links to easy sock patterns in case anyone is going to take on the challenge and make socks as gifts.

This pattern is for an easy everyday sock for kids and adults.


Here is a pattern for little baby everyday socks.


I thought I would also include some Stockings.


Now that we have some Easy Patterns lets see how many socks can be made.  Good Luck!!!

Happy Holidays!


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