Sitting here listening to the Monkees and just trying to relax enough to go to sleep. It is 1:30 in the morning, it has been a very productive day today.  The kids all got their tests done and will be ready for school to start officially on Monday through the K 12 learning program.  I have been very worried about my kids starting this program, I have feared for them actually. Only because I am  worried  that I didn’t  teach them everything they needed before this moment.  But, as they started out taking these tests they really surprised me.  My son was explaining things in Science I had no idea about.   I have realized my kids are becoming smarter than I am  what a fantastic but almost kind of a scary thought.

I am ready for the challenge, I am armed and ready.  You see I have the Teacher Guides, so ha ha children I know the Answers.    Do any of you feel this way, or have felt this way as your children have grown?   Oh what adventures await us this year!

What is sickness to the body of a knight-errant?
What matter wounds? For each time he falls…
he will rise again… and woe to the wicked!
– Sancho? – Here, Your Grace!
– My armor, my sword! – More misadventures!
Adventures, old friend!

One of my favorite quotes, Don Quixote!


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