It has been a few days since I last posted I thought I would jump on here and give an update.  We have been getting ready to start school, and I am trying to stock pile some hats and scarves, and things for this fall and winter season. We also had a Garage Sale this past weekend which turned out great. There were a ton of clothes that I was so worried were going to have to come back inside our Garage. But, thankfully we had this lady stop by who was headed to Colorado had three girls and took every piece of clothing we had.  Including sheets, and blankets, I  could not have been happier with selling those items.

Number 1 and I are going to be taking some pictures of the Embroidery that I am doing. We are making a quilt for my Mom, outside of life just getting in the way sometimes, it is coming out very nice.   Making new Cooking videos as well, but sometimes our equipment needs a nap.  That is what we have been up to on our end.

Ready for things to slow down  a bit so we can relax a little.  But, for now we are just keeping it all together and crafting every chance we get.


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