It seems like knitting is on the rise with people wanting to learn how to do this craft. My girls asked me to teach them, and now they can’t get enough of it. There are teenage knitters who have fan page’s and blogs about knitting. But, when you first start to knit it seems like you are reading a foreign language. That is why Number 1 and I decided to make some learn to knit videos to teach the beginners knitting.  We didn’t just want to show the stitch and make a swatch, we wanted to show the stitch and have the beginner make a finished project. We chose an easy just knitting Wrist-let, this is what my girls first learned to knit and they have made tons.  If you know of anyone that is in need of some beginner lessons, including Casting on, check out our video series.

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Happy Knitting!


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  1. I’m really thinking about taking up knitting or needlepoint for the time when painting seems like too much eyeball-concentration; needlework can be so relaxing while watching TV or curled up; I haven’t figured out how to paint while curled up on the bed yet….lol