We just recently finished making some videos on baking. Bug loves to bake and one of her favorite shows is the “Cake Boss”. She has been baking her own cakes for a while now and decided she wanted to try her hand at making Fondant.  Being only 10 years old I was a little apprehensive about this, ( like mom’s always are right?) She could use the stove and the oven, so what was I worried about. I let her know she needed to find a recipe and then write down what she needed to have.  One thing our kids can do is research something, I was handed a detailed report with video references and a grocery list.  After I laughed at this I told her it wasn’t a school report!   But that just made me realize it was something she was ready to do, so off to the store she went with her Dad to get what she needed.

She made her cake first then a vanilla frosting. This is when I wish I had replaced the broken hand mixer.  Then we were ready for the making of the fondant, she was so funny because she was really nervous about making it.  It was a messy project but when it was all finished and on the cake it looked very good.  After our taste test we were pleasantly surprised at how delicious the cake turned out and it looked beautiful.

I put it  into a movie and after I finished the editing and watched all the baking videos back I was just so proud of her.  She explained the baking process very well for her age and she was thorough.  I just couldn’t be more proud of how well she did at baking, and watching her knead that fondant like a pro truly shows me that she is growing up. I am sure there are mom’s, dad’s, and grandparents out there that enjoy cooking, and baking and try to encourage their children and grandchildren to do the same. But, you never know if what you are teaching them is sticking, well my suggestion is grab a camera, give them the tools and just watch. They will impress you and then you can go to your room shut the door and shed a few tears because of the thought that your babies are no longer babies.

A few pictures for your enjoyment!!!

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  1. Oh, this is so sweet — I love the idea of her video. It’s a keeper!