Here are my young models in their hand-made dresses. Bug is on the right, and her dress is made from a pillowcase, and is just perfectly cool and comfortable for the summer. It  was so very easy to make this dress, we plan on doing a video of this one.  I did use two pillowcases, one for lining and then the dress that way it was not see through. I also used the top of the material to make wide straps for her, I thought she would like that better than the ribbon. Especially since she will be playing outside and at the lake in this dress. Here are some more pictures, let me know what you think!

She loves to pose for the camera as you can tell!!

Number 1’s dress is made from an old tank top we had and some material we had lying around the house.  She had found this design on-line and asked me if I could duplicate it. I am sure it is exactly like what we saw but she loves how it turned out. I love how it fits her so perfectly and looks soooooooo comfortable on her.   I have some pictures of this in the process of sewing and I plan on putting those up as well in another post. But, this is just too show off my girls and their dresses.  Here are some pictures of Number 1.

Of course this is where Bug gets the love for the camera,

her older sister Number 1.

I was so very proud of being able to complete these two dresses. It did take an entire day because I am without a sewing machine, but as you can see they still turned out great.   Here is one last picture of the girls, let me know what you think of the dresses?  Have you made anything recently let me know?


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  1. vivian says:

    I love them . they look so sweet and the dresses are really great!!!!!!