Sewing it up Old School!!!!!! Oh my the girls and I have been having a blast sewing this past week. We have cracked ourselves up with some of our ideas and even with one shirt that can’t fit anyone. I am slowly figuring out that making clothes for them when they were little was so much easier than now, (because they all have a chest now).
Yes, before, I could make the outfit and it didn’t have to be form fitting or double layer to ensure that no bras were shown. Now, well let’s just say it takes a lot more material and thinking and measuring in order to make them even a simple little summer dress. Of course it is worth it because they do like the finished project and when I see them wearing the clothes it makes me proud.
The other dilemma is that we do not own a sewing machine so everything we make is done by hand. But, again it is well worth it and the girls are learning a lot from our sewing. Sometimes we do come to a point where we are all just staring at the material and knowing how we want it to look just unsure of how to get it there. So, what do we do then… well we just Skype my mom. She is very good at sewing, she should have been a seamstress, so she helps us out and will even get some material and work with us.
So if you haven’t decided what to do with your kids,(yes even your boys), you can teach them to sew through the summer. Remember they can even sit and watch a movie while doing this, or sit around your table with them and believe me the talking will start.
Some easy hand sewn projects you can do with your kids is making old school handkerchiefs. You can throw in some embroider to make it more fun and pretty. Also aprons are a good first start as well as pillowcases. These are just some easy projects that they can hand sew and complete very quickly.

Well Happy Sewing!!!!


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  1. vivian says:

    Thanks for mentioning that we skype and do projects together. For all the grandma’s out there you will have fun skypeing with the kids. Well help you keep intouch with all the grandkids and any one who happens to pop in

  2. vivian says:

    They might can correct the spelling too.!!