In our house we love to cook, we taught the kids early on kitchen safety so that they could
help out in the kitchen. We have been wanting to make some easy how to cooking videos and
we decided on Guacamole and Cheese dip.  These are two easy kid friendly recipes, if you feel
comfortable with your children using knives, then let them make Guacamole. We are always
there to supervise, but do a quick review of kitchen safety tips every time you enter the
kitchen with your kids. They will pick up on the tips the more often you say and demonstrate
it for them.

Bug was so excited to do a video for youtube, she really enjoys cooking and making this
for her Dad is something she loves to do.  The other video we did was and Easy cheese dip.
There’s no cutting involved in this recipe so a child just learning his/her way around the
kitchen could cook this up for the family.

Cooking with your kids is a great time for bonding, you would be amazed at what you
will find to talk about while you are making your feast.  If you have a child just learning to
read you can have them read the recipe ingredients to you to help them practice. Or if you
need the kids to study up on math just have them increase or decrease a recipe.

There are lots of great ways you can involve the kids when cooking.  I will leave the
recipe’s below, Enjoy and Happy Cooking!!!

Guacamole:   Avocados, at least four, we used twelve

Onions, one small, or one large (depends on how many avocados)

Tomatoes, two or one (again depends on avocados)

Crushed red pepper – Lemon Juice – Salt

Cheese Dip :  Four to Six cans of Cheddar cheese soup

One to Two cans of Ro tel tomatoes

Milk, fill one to three cans depending on how you
like the sauce, runny or thick

Cook on medium- high to high temperature until
heated through

Serve with chips.


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  1. Tes says:

    Cooking is a great way to interact with kids. My baby love helping me cook especially when I bake. I love these video. Will try the recipe soon. Thanks for sharing.