I thought I would do quick post on something that I had won off of twitter. I was very
pleased with my prize and I wanted to share. I was on twitter where I have made
some really fantastic twittership’s.  I follow one twitterer OMGchocfrog, she was doing
a small giveaway to win the twine she sells at her Etsy shop.  I love string and boxes
and yarn and cards and just crazy stuff like that. Well, all I had to do was retweet
about her giveaway and I would win.  Well, I am going to say this, I am kinda glad
not that many people were paying attention because I was the first or second to
retweet, and she was only doing the first three. I could not have been more happy
to have won, she is so sweet, probably why her name has chocolate in it.

I thought everyone might like to see what the prize was so that you will follow
her twitter or fan her facebook page.  I have to say that the twine is very nice it is
red and white, it looks like a peppermint candy cane which I love. She sent a
business card with her etsy and twitter accounts on it. But, I think I was most
excited about the gift tags, I loved them. I didn’t even know I was going to get
them but I don’t ever want to use them because they are way to pretty.
So here are some pictures I took of the Prize.

This is everything that came in the package.

The beautiful twine, which I love.

The Oh too Cute business card.

Then my favorite tag out of all of them.

So if you need twine or tags you should head over to http://www.omgchocolatefrog.etsy.com
and order some.

Also if you want to get updates or maybe win a prize follow her twitter @


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