I have  researched so many different patterns, hats, scarves, blankets, dresses, sweaters, socks, etc etc…. I mean you name it and you will probably find a pattern on how to make it.  I was making this hat the other day a nice slouchy hat and I was following the pattern, but as I was working I noticed you could adjust it a few stitches at a time and have a whole new pattern.  It is really like music, there is an infinite amount of ways to put music together to create different songs.  A pattern is the same way you can knit three, purl one, or DC crochet seven, turn HDC five,  or add ruffles, and place buttons.  Lots of different combinations to make one item, I find this fascinating. I look at so many patterns and think they are the same as something else that I made until I start going, then I find out that it is slightly different.  Sometimes it is in a good way and sometimes I am cursing the maker. But, making a pattern of whatever it is can be just as nerve-racking as writing the perfect song.

So I thank all of you from years gone by to today, I enjoy all the different creations you make. I enjoy putting a pattern in front of me and watching it come together, just as much as I enjoy getting new sheet music and hearing that song play.  It is an absolute thrill that I can’t seem to get enough off. I believe that is why there are so many crafty people out there.

I would love to make a pattern that you have written and make a tutorial using it for others to see.  Let me know if you have something that you would like to share with me and I will teach it to others.  But, for now my hunt begins again for the perfect pattern to make me excited to start working on.


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