Well Mother’s Day came and went and for me it turned out just fine. My kids made some
home-made cards for me, and that is just the way I like it. I love to see what they come up
with and how their imagination works. I had some really good ones, including pop-ups and
sentimental and all the things they love about me. I was given breakfast in bed this morning,
my husband made peach pancakes, they are so good it’s like eating peach cobbler. Then I
was lazy and played on the computer really just doing nothing. What a great thing to do on
such a day I think. Then the kids made the home-made Pizza, (with a little help, I had to
make the dough). They were so good I just stuffed myself so full that I could not even think
about dessert. So, I decided to have them make the cake tomorrow since I am sure I would
not have been able to eat it.
It’s days like this that I wish would just go on forever and never end. But, if they
didn’t then we would have nothing to have memories of. I hope that everyone out there had
as wonderful a day as I have had. I am sure that there were dinners out and lot’s of gifts
given.  I sit trying to remember some of the things that we gave to our mother but all I can
remember is that she was just so happy with whatever. I remember the hugs and kisses and
thank you’s and I love it’s. I guess that is all that really matters, so as my children get older
they will not remember the things that they gave to me but they will remember my reaction.
So, I was giving out hugs and some tears and lots of I love it’s so they would know that I
appreciate being their mother. Because that is what I always felt from my mother and
something that I still do. I know that my mom appreciates all the little things that I have
done and will do for her, and I hope that she knows how much I appreciate all the things that
she has done and will do for me. I always tell my kids that I was so lucky to have had the best
mom, she always took the time to be play with us and to just be with her kids. I hope that my
kids feel the same way as they get older.
So to my own Mother, Happy Mother’s Day, and I love you so very much, even though
you had ten children you always make each one of us feel like we were an only child.

Thank you.


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