Well I feel like I have ignored my blog for a few days and I apologize to everyone for that.  I have been working on a summer tank for my girls and to put in my shop over at ArtFire. Well, after the last four days of working and re-working the numbers of stitches on this garment I am proud to say that it is finished.  Number One was my model because she is just a tiny little thing and it helped to use fewer stitches for this.  That way I can increase the amount for larger sizes, it is better to add stitches than to try and take them away.

I did this Tank in Pink for the back and a Light Grey for the front, then tying it together with little pink stripes that go across the front.    I am so glad that this is done it gives me a since of accomplishment that I have made something my daughters can wear, besides a hat.  I am posting some pictures so please let me know what you think of it.  I am also going to put this in my shop so that anyone who would like one can order it and give me your size and color or colors you would like to see and I will get one out to you.  We are very proud of this item and there will be more to come.

And here is my little Teen Model posing for the camera.   Again Let me know what you think in the comments area.  What color combination’s would you like to see.


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  1. vivian says:

    Wow it looks really good. I wondered at first about the different colors but it looks good. You should be proud of yourself