My title just says “The Sock” for a reason, there is only one of them.  I finally finished the one, it only took me about two and a half days because I was making it confusing.  Plus I was also having to be a mom in the middle of all this, I know I know why me right?

Anyway, I have finally finished it, I have some pictures of the process so I wanted to put those in. Here is a picture of the 4 inches of ribbing that I did.  As you can see  close to the bottom I started doing something wrong, my knitting looks all messed up. But, that really didn’t cause too much of a problem.

Now the next picture is after I was able to divide my stitches and start working on the heel, there are a few pictures in this section for you.  The first is the wrong side, and the second is the right side.

In these two pictures you can kinda see where I messed up at the end of the ribbing, I was trying to do the Knit one row and then Purl the next row.  I think I made the mistake of not paying attention to where my round started.

In the next pictures you will see the end of my heel knitting I was very proud to get to this point. I have one taken with the wrong side and one taken with the right side.

Now the next one for this post is my “Turning of the Heel” I was a little bit confused but I just read through the directions about five times then I started.  I was very happy with the fact that I did it and it looked just like  what I was following.

Okay, as you can see the heel came out great, I was very proud of this, just for the simple fact that it was beginning to look right.

Now it was time for me to pick up the stitches on the side and get my sock back to knitting in the round.  Here is the pic of my sock after I got the stitches picked up, the first side I did was a little difficult but the second side was easy.

Now, I just continued following the directions and knitted away with some decreases included in this.

The knitting got easier and easier on these DPN’s, I can’t believe I was so scared of these things.  I say if you don’t have a pair get a pair you can knit things in the round with out having to seam up the sides.

Happy Knitting.


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    Doesn’t it make you feel great when you get a free gift. Whether big or small. Lucky