Finally we are getting our how to videos back up of the Granny Square.

I love to make this pattern, if I have lots of scrap yarn laying around

I just make a bunch of squares then sew them together for a blanket.

This is also a perfect pattern to learn when you are first starting out

to crochet.  It is easy, and it works up fast so that you have a finished

project quickly.  I hope these videos help those of you out there that

are just learning how to crochet.  Enjoy,  Happy Crocheting!


4 responses

  1. vivian says:

    Like this . You explained it well.
    Like that you don’t RUSH through

  2. Carrie says:

    Wow! Thank you for posting this! This tutorial is a lot easier to follow than most I have found. I like you’re blog a lot.