The Granny square is so much fun, and very easy to do.  You can make them small to make

lots of them, or you can continue with a big one  and make a big blanket.  But, for anyone

new  to crocheting it can be a little confusing.  It might even get frustrating if your project

is going crooked.   So we will be posting a video on How To Crochet a Granny Square.

We will show you different sizes of the squares and ideas on what you can do with

them.   I love to make a Granny Square blanket because it is easy and it works up real

quick.    So,  we look forward to joining us in making a blanket.   We can’t wait.

Happy Crocheting!!!


2 responses

  1. vivian says:

    can’t wait to see the video I am making a new slipper sock. sarted last night around six. put it down at ten. picked it up at about noon today. about four more rows to go and I can began to sew it up. pretty fast for me.

    • thewades08 says:

      Yes, that is real quick, I told you if you just keep knitting you will get faster. And we have to redo the videos but
      hope to get them done and up soon.