I hope your Easter, (if you celebrate), was fantastic. We did not do too much our kids are all
getting bigger and bigger. But, as most of you know I was making the Bunny Easter Baskets
that I made a tutorial about for each child. I have just been so happy with how they came
out. Well, as I was working away I wanted to make something a little different for our son
since he is a boy and he might not want a Bunny Basket. I also wanted to use his favorite
color, Red, as I did for all the girls. As I was crocheting a long with my green yarn, staring at
the red, it just kinda hit me all at once. I can make a Ninja Turtle Basket, he loves the Turtles.
So, I added my red and made a stripe like a mask and then finished off with the green and
changed up the crochet on the top so that it rounded a little more. Then I embroidered using
black yarn and created his face. I have never been so proud of something that I have made
before. I think I am going to just start making some variations with different characters and
see if maybe someone might buy them. But, for now I have a picture of the baskets that I
made. Enjoy the Picture, let me know what you think!


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  1. gigglinggoblin says:

    they are awesome, such a cool idea!