By now you should have the other side down and your measurements should be the same for both. It should look like this.

Okay on to Shaping the Heel:  Now we will Decrease by knitting two stitches together at the beginning and end of each row until 12 stitches remain.  This is a picture of the first Decrease at the beginning of the row.

Here is the Decrease at the end of the row.

Now that we have only twelve stitches on our needle we will now immediately start to increase.

Here is a pic of the first cast on increase, do this at beginning and end of each row until you are back up to 24 stitches.

Now comes the binding off I have put some pictures on here for those who have had a slight memory lapse and forget how to do this process.

First step is to knit two as normal

Now take the first stitch and pull it over the front one and off the needleNow you just have one stitch on the right needle, continue in this fashion until all stitches are off.

Now after you have bound off it should look like this:

So now we need to get our Tapestry Needle

Okay first things first lets sew up the ribbing, sew fold together the back center of the ribbing and use yarn that you are working with. Or if you left a tail from before you can use this to sew it up with, just attach your needle and start sewing.

I am also posting a picture of how I finish off the sewing, I don’t tie a knot I weave the end into the sewn part and pull it through to secure it and then I cut it off.

Now we are going to sew up the angles on both sides, here are a few pictures just in case it sounds confusing.

These are the angles for the toe, just fold the work over and sew them up.

And here I am sewing up the angles for the heel

Ta Da here is what it looks like with the angles all sewn up.

Now it is time to sew the Heel to the bottom of the ribbing, (the most difficult part)

Another pic just so you can see what I was doing.

Now Easy Peasy just sew up the sides.

Here I am on the last leg of the sewing, or seaming which ever you want to say.

Now turn it outside in, or inside out, and you have made your Sleep Sock:

Now just Make another one to complete the Pair.

Here is my pair of Sleep Socks I am very proud of completing this project.  I plan to make more of these since now the girls would like to have some.   I am going to try my hand at making them two at a time on the same needle, if you want to try that just make sure you have to different balls (skeins) of yarn of the same color and get to knitting.

Enjoy your socks.


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