Well, after a month of talking about this pattern and finishing up this project I finally am able to do so.  This will be done in several posts, that way you can see how the sock is knitted in its stages and then how to seam it together. Most of you experienced knitters will be able to just follow the pattern and know where it is going.  But, for those who do not have as much experience, making this pattern does not look like it will turn into a sock.     Here is a picture of the finished Sock.

Now I will give the pattern directions:

Sleep Sock             Knitted on 2 straight needles size 6 (4.25)   I used Red Heart Soft yarn, since it would be on my foot.

We start at the cuff; top of sock:   Cast on 48 stitches and start a rib pattern (K1, P1) for 7-8 inches

This is my 48 Cast on.

K1, P1 Pattern

Next you will Bind off 12 stitches, Knit 24, bind off 12, and then cut yarn leaving a bit of a tail.

This is what your binding off should look like, 12 off each side and 24 in the middle,

(tip): When binding off in this pattern use the knit stitch  since you will be knitting the 24

Top of Foot:  Re-attach ball (skein) of yarn and work on remaining 24 stitches, in a knit stitch, until this section measures

6-7 inches, or the length of your foot.   (mine is around 8-9 inches)

First step for re-attaching, (this is just my easy way),  insert needle as if to knit.

Now get yarn from ball (skein) and give about a 10 inch length to add

Now drape the yarn over your needle as shown, the yarn attached to the ball should be on the left side and the tail will be on the right as it is draped in the picture.

Then you will just start to knit as normal.

Now you can get started in knitting your 6-7 inches or try the 8-9 inches, this won’t take long as knitting is fast and easy to do.  Especially when you are only knitting on 24 stitches at the moment.  So as soon as I get my inches done I will be back to show the rest of the pattern.  After I am done with the picture tutorial I will post the pattern in length without picture interruption that way you can print it out or just keep coming back to see it.

(tip)  Every once in awhile count the stitches to make sure you still have 24 and have not added any

Well, I will see you back here soon.  Thanks for visiting, Enjoy making your sock.


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    very good this is put together very well. Everyone should be pleased finally a pattern I can understand