Here we are having a blast, the kids and I played multiplication bingo that I made off of the computer.  This was great because it helped the older ones stay fresh on the times tables and helped Bugaloo put them into her memory. The smaller ones had the day off so they got to color and play in the dollhouse. We decided that every Wednesday we are going to have a fun activity day, that means we will have games, color sheets, and puzzles that all pertain to learning, but it will be fun.  I think I agree with them I had a blast playing all the games and coloring my sheet about the poisonous frogs and doing the crossword on the States.  Here is a picture of the kids, they are happy.

This is what I had posted on my home-school blog over at  I am trying to get everything on to one blog and just categorize things.  Let me know if I should just keep them separate.


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