Of course our family does not really celebrate Valentines day, my husband and I never have.  But, we do make sure the kids get a nice Happy Valentines day kiss and hug when they get up.   Today I am going to be working on the second half of a house sock that I knitted.  I am determined to learn to knit socks, but as of yet I have been unable to do so.  I did find a nice pattern for knitting socks on two needles then sewing them up, but it came out kinda thick so it is my house sock, it just needs it’s pair.  I plan on finishing it today, I will be taking pictures of the process and posting it on here so everyone can see.  But, I will be victorious on making regular socks, it is just going to still take me some time and more research.

Well, today we are having  Pot Roast, for supper with all the potatoes and carrots that go great with it.  It is an easy forget me dinner that just works out well for us, we always have so many other things to do in a day that “forget me dinners” are the best.   I know everyone likes to pictures so I will be posting some of the beautiful Roast.

Have a great Valentines Day, if you are watching Enjoy Daytona!!!!!!!!!!


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