Poached Eggs!

I have never been a fan of Eggs not even when I was a kid. But, my husband learned to make “Poached Eggs” about a year ago. I wanted to be nice and try them and to my surprise, I loved them.  Then after that I would beg him to make poached eggs. He would boil the water and vinegar, carefully crack the egg into the pan so it didn’t spread and make the toast. I thought this was great but found out later that it was really a hassle to have to make poached eggs for eight people all the time. He stopped making them because it was just too big of a mess and time consuming for him to do that in the morning, scrambled eggs were easier.  Well, I missed those lovely eggs and how great they tasted nicely nestled a top a piece of toast. So, what do you think I did, nope I didn’t learn to make them myself. I bought this:

Yes an Egg Poacher Pan with removable cups that cooks six eggs at once. No messy vinegar to bother with, no trying to make sure the egg doesn’t spread. This is a great invention.  So, he made poached eggs for us and we all prayed that it was easier to use than doing it the other way. 


He sprayed the removable cups with non-stick cooking spray, brought the water underneath to a nice boil then cracked the eggs inside. Look how pretty the eggs are all sitting in there individual cups. 


Now with the lid on you can see the tops getting nice and white and cooking the egg.  This only took about three to four minutes for the eggs to cook.


Here the egg is posing nicely for the picture still inside the cup. We were worried that the egg would stick a little but it did not. We just dumped it over and out on top of the toast with no problem.  



Oh they look so yummy, makes me wish he had made some today. The yolk was still nice and runny just like a fried egg. There was no mess at all, the pan was easy cleanup and the little nonstick cups had nothing to scrub. So just washed it normally with the dish soap and hot water.  I am so glad we made this purchase. We got this product off of Amazon for around 24.00 dollars.

We highly recommend a poached egg pan if you are a fan of these like we are.


Happy Cooking! 


Crocheted plaid baby blanket




I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything. We have moved once again and where we are staying now has no internet. But hopefully we will be moving into our own place in a matter if weeks.
I wanted to write a post about a baby blanket I just finished for a friend of mine. I wanted to make something a little different and found a site about a crocheted woven Scotch plaid blanket. It looked a little difficult when I just browsed the pictures, but after reading the pattern I found it to be very easy. I used a filet crochet stitch, and then wove the yarn in and out going the other direction. Here is a picture
I took a few pics of the blanket.
I enjoyed making this and I will have to do a tutorial on it. By looking at it, it might seem difficult but it was actually very easy and worked up quickly.
Let me know what you think and hopefully I will be back to regularly updating and posting new tutorials.
Happy Crocheting!

On Vacation

We are on an adventure and will be back to posting soon. Hope everyone is having a great Summer.

Happy Crafting!

So I needed a new Purse.

Yep that is right I needed a new purse. For the past few years I have used nice big laptop lugging bag to hold everything I needed. Why I am not real sure but it may have had something to do with school work for the kids.  When we worked in the Library I would take it with me and then I just continued to use it as my main purse.  Oh and it is a nice leopard print open bag with a large attached pocket. So I have really enjoyed it, I am able to take everything I need to keep myself occupied if I have to end up waiting somewhere.  Yes I am just like a little kid I need things to keep me occupied so as to not get into any trouble while I wait. 

Well the other day the straps showed signs of wear and tear, and so it started my hunt for a new purse. My husband asked me to not by a big bag this time to just get a purse like a normal woman. Well, I might say I was a tad big offended but I know he was right, I just did not tell him he was.   I searched and searched for a purse, oh I should state I am a bit ummm how you say……. Cheap.  So I whence at the thought of spending more than ten dollars on an item for myself.  I have just always been this way, heck I still have my black heels that I have had for four years and do not plan on getting a new pair unless the heel breaks off. Of course then I would just break the heel off the other one and try to reconstruct them to make them useful again.  

Sorry I got lost back to the purse.  I had been looking for about a month and found nothing.  After my Granny Square victory I still had some black Granny Squares that I did not use on the blanket. So I sat here one day and sewed them together, it came out a nice little bag.  I regret that I didn’t take pictures as I worked but I was still unsure of my sewing skills and didn’t need to be reminded if it turned out horrible.  

Then after I got it all nice and put together I needed a liner. But, not just any liner one that would be soft and not scratch my phone. Yes I love my Android enough to think about it when I am making something.   So I found a nice silky smooth night-shirt I no longer fit. Which surprised me because I can not be any bigger than when I was 18, right?   Any way I measured looking like a fantastic seamstress. I just imagined all the people banging at the door to get one of my lined crocheted purses.   Yes, my imagination gets me through the day.    I made the lining, added a side pocket perfectly measured for my phone, who seemed happy to be there.  Then added another little pocket for my keys, crocheted a nice strap  and I am proud to say it is functional.

What do you think?  I know it is not professional but man I love it. holds up nice perfect size for me and the lining is wonderful.

I will have to put a clasp on it but for now it is great.   I will have to get brave to do a tutorial on this, but I am just thankful that it came out as good as it did.  The squares were really old and a bit frayed but they worked out for me. 

Oh the things I find myself making.

Happy Crafting!



I love making Hats!

I have found that I love making Hats, whether I knit or crochet them it doesn’t matter, they are fun to make.  I haven’t always made them I usually stuck with blankets or scarves and seemed to be happy with that. Until the day my Mom came to visit.  She told me she had bee on Youtube and saw a little kid crochet a hat.  I was like “Whoa wait one second here, A Kid!!!” So of course I looked at my  mother and said. “Challenge Accepted”  I went to my trusty chest of all things Yarn and got her a hook and me a hook her some yarn and me some yarn. I told her this was not for the weak minded and if she wanted out she need to get out now. But she decided she was to be my “Sancho” so we searched on Youtube till we found that PB&J eating child and watched him, as he held his hook incorrectly and slurred his words to tell us the steps and was a little hard to follow.  We  were victorious, For there isn’t a challenge that I will not take on and defeat or even surpass!!!!!!!!!

So after that day I have just been a Hat making fool, I usually get them confiscated by my daughters but I am going to start hiding some of them so I can sell some.  This hat is one I am especially proud of because it is my own design.

I haven’t made the Pattern clear enough for anyone to read just yet and plan on sending it to my mom to see if she can understand it.

Here it is in Red, I don’t know why I chose Red but it turned out Beautifully. It is a little bigger even though I used the same hook, but because the yarns are different weights so this one worked up a little bigger.  But I find them both just lovely. 

Could be that my Model is so lovey while wearing them but I think it is the hat. Hahahaaha Just kidding.

So this will be my first items up for grabs I will post them here as well as over on my Facebook page. I am very excited about selling my items. 

Let me know what you think about the hats and what colors would you like to see. Or what items would you like to see made for sale.  I am always open for suggestions and I love to read your comments. 

Happy Crocheting!!!!


Revisiting the idea of working with T-shirt yarn.

I sat one  day not so long ago and pulled out all the old t-shirts that no one wore and began cutting my t-shirt yarn. I had such high hopes for what I would be making with this.  I thought about the cute rugs, or maybe some nice pot-holders, a farmers market bag, or even a just because scarf.  Well, I sit here now laughing at myself because I didn’t realize that working with the t-shirt yarn was going to take more skill than I had.  I have been knitting and crocheting since I was about ten and I have never stopped so I feel I have plenty of experience. But, nothing could have prepared me for working with such a crazy yarn. 

 My first attempt at working with it came in the form of Crochet. I thought I would make an oven mitt I found on http://www.myrecycledbags.com/2011/03/20/t-yarn-oven-mitt/

Cute right, also looks very easy I just knew this would be an easy project to undertake and I could show off my skills, Right?  hahahahaha Wrong!  I couldn’t get the silly yarn to do anything, I am forever talking about watching the tension and here I was struggling with that. The first thing I made is so rock hard it is not good for anything.   I figure I just didn’t have a big enough crochet hook, that is what I am going to blame it on and I will hear nothing more on the topic.

        Although a great pattern very well written for some reason I could not get mine to look like that. So I went for knitting the yarn, I have super huge needles and thought that would be better for working with this yarn.  I was right the larger the needles or hook the better the yarn works with you.

       My next attempt I thought I would not be so bold, a Hot Pad for under my pans would be just perfect. I know,  I know I am a brave little sort.  I did some yarn changes just to see how it would look and if it would be easy to do.

I did start to get the hang of the knitting process and how to work with the yarn.  Here is the finished Hot Pad, nothing spectacular, I definitely look like a beginner.

I think what happened is the T-shirts have absorbed all the attitude my Husband and Son have so therefore it was not going to do as I asked.  Typical right?

Well there you have it a nice little Hot Pad. The key is going to be actually using it because I am the worst about just setting the dang ole’ hot pans on my counters.

Yes there will be many adventures with this yarn because I made so much that it fills three plastic sacks.  I am re-thinking how courageous I thought I was.

Happy Crafting!

The Return of the Granny Squares. Part 2

I am tired now they were right as they sit there talking amongst themselves, laughing and snickering.  I sit behind my computer full and ready to just relax.  Then once again the tiniest of voices speaks to me from afar. “Mama, are you going to finish this tonight.”  then another voice to my right, “Yeah Mama it looks so pretty I can’t wait to see it when you are done.”  Ahhhh the innocent voices of the children they have moved me, my heart can not disappoint the Children. So I pick up the blanket grab another stack and through the sweat, (and full tummy)  I set upon my quest.

Six rows, Six rows I only have three more rows to go.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel my victory awaits me.  Grab another stack and move on….

Seven Rows, the Squares have begun to quiet now they know I am the chosen one, this is my destiny.  No more laughing, no more mocking me, no more year after year moving them around.  I reach for the stack and prepare for the final battle…

Eight Rows, but it is getting late the sun has set my hands are tired and sore. Not sure if I can go on, but the children I must…..think….. about….. the …….. children…… Grab that last and final stack and continue…..

But, wait what is this my yarn what has happened to all my yarn!!!!  I only have enough for a few squares to be attached that means I will have to wait and get some more. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!   I can’t stop now, quit your laughing… I will finish you.  I run to my box of powerful crafting supplies, I must have White yarn in here somewhere, White is a common yarn.  I throw things out the children are trembling with fear for they know not what has taken over me.   Tears are starting I can feel defeat is imminent, but wait… what is that.  That there in the corner of the box.  A ball of yarn it looks like, I hold it up to the sky “WHITE YARN!!!!!”  I, with shaky hands, connect the yarn to the end of the finished yarn with skills I did not even know I had. 

I pick up the next Square and continue more determined than ever before to defeat the All Powerful Granny Square!!!!!

Hahahahahahaha Now who is laughing.  Nine rows, nine rows complete and then bordered. This has been a battle that will go down in the books my friends. One that will live on and our children’s children will tell the tale of…. The Return of the Granny Square!

I did it for the Children!!!!!!  

The Return of the Granny Squares. Part 1

If you are an avid crocheter or just a beginner all know the Granny Square. Easy to do, they pass the time and are very pretty when completed. But, oh how they laugh at you when you decide you are going to put them together. I have been defeated by my Squares for almost 5 years now. But, yesterday the battle came to an end, for I won the mighty battle.

There they are in are there laughing glory as I pulled them out year after year and they sat mocking me.  They knew I would just pull them out and they would sit there giving me the strong arm until I put them away. But, alas I was brave yesterday I took them out laid them in a pattern and then stacked them in there proper rows ready to be joined.

But they were not scared not even a slight tremble from them. Because I had done this before so they figured; let me have my game then they could retire to their box and be happy.  Well, I was determined and after an hour of staring at them like this and finally finding the “Flat-braid Join”  I began…

First row complete, although I was still a bit nervous it was too early to tell if I would be able to finish what I started. Those Squares just kept on laughing knowing if they kept up the mocking I would admit defeat again. But, not I, I picked up the next stack….

Two Rows, yes that is what I said, the sweat tripping from my brow not sure if I can go on. But, with my shaky hand I reached for the next stack…

Three Rows, I am just as shocked as everyone in the house is. They too had no faith that I could defeat the Might Granny Square. Yet that is  what it seemed I was doing.  Another stack…

Four rows I say.  Are the walls closing in on me, is it getting hot in here, I think I am having trouble breathing. NO No, just calm down grab the next stack…

Five Rows, I can’t believe I just might make it, look how nicely you all look together. But, wait what did you say, the children must eat. In the background I hear the faint cries of the children, “Mama were hungry, please feed us.”  The children I must stop, the laughing starts again because they know I might not return. I will be tired from the cooking and the cleaning and the….. No, I will return, I will return…..



Honey, one of my most favorite condiments.  We use it for pancakes, put some in our oatmeal, mix it with mustard for our nuggets, place some on plain ‘ole toast and a little on white rice. mmmmmm Getting hungry just thinking about all that honey.

But, did you know that Honey is a great face wash. We have been using it to help clear up the clears acne and keep their face from drying out.  (I also have been using it)   It makes your face very soft to the touch and surprisingly not sticky at all.  You can also mix it with some baking soda to get a good scrub for your face.  This is only our third day in trying this so more results to come, especially on if it actually helps out the acne.  (pictures as well)

Give it a try, and let us know what you think, or if you have been using this let us know how it works for you.

We are always looking for some great home remedies, post them in the comments and we will try them out and report back. LOL

Happy Face-Washing!!!

Another: What we are doing in our Lives post!

It has been awhile since my last post and thought I needed to do a bit of an update.  We have been very busy here on our end. School for us finally came to a close, our kids have all officially been promoted.  The K-12 program that we used this year for our homeschooling needs proved to be well worth it.  A’s and B’s all around at our house, which surprises me because I was the one doing all the teaching with my own curriculum before last year. hahahahaha

Also we did move again, life on the mountain was not at all like the “Walton’s”.  I was quite disappointed and happy to be back among the Valley people.  The Summer has only just begun for us, as we have done nothing but clean the house, and clean out the closest’s.

But this is just an update on our lives.

Happy Living!!!